1 set of 4 Handmade Magnet Plaque
Jerusalem Magnet Plaque

Handmade Magnet Plaques

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Handmade Magnet Little Plaque 

Handmade Small plaques symbolizing a blessing in Hebrew or symbols of love and abundance.
Size of each plaque 3.5*3.5cm  - 1.37*1.37 inch approximately

The plaques can also be used as a gift for Jewish events such as bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, Jewish wedding and more.

The magnets are sold in sets of 4 units
You can choose from 13 models and specify in the order which models you want to purchase
For example, I chose one set and I would like the following models 1,5,8,12
please write us after making the order

The type of the plaque

Magnet 1 - Jerusalem
Magnet 2 - Israel hebrew and english
Magnet 3 -  Love
Magnet 4 -  Mazal tov in hebrew ( Congratulations )
Magnet 5 -  Hamsa color Blue
Magnet 6 - Woman of Valor Eshet Chail In hebrew
Magnet 7 -  Pomegranate
Magnet 8 - Love in english and hebrew
Magnet 9 - Star of david
Magnet 10 - Menora and Star of david
Magnet 11 - Bless this place in hebrew
Magnet 12 - Shalom ( peace ) hebrew and english
Magnet 13 - Hamsa 5 hands

The unique technique mixes burnt clay impressions, color and glaze create a unique and beautiful piece. 

The wall plaque is original, hand made 
We put a lot of care and love into our art and hope that you will get pleasure from our work.

We can produce customized plaques and different symbols and different caption
in large quantities. 


Jerusalem Magnet Plaque
handmade Israel Magnet Plaque
Handmade Magnet Plaque Model Love
Handmade Magnet Plaque Mazal Tov Model
Handmade Magnet Plaque Hamsa Model
Handmade Magnet Plaque Pomegranate Model
Handmade Magnet Plaque woman of valor Eshet khail model
Handmade Magnet Plaque Love Model
Handmade Magnet Plaque Star of david Model
Handmade Magnet Plaque Menora And Star of David Model
Handmade Magnet Plaque Bless This Home in Hebrew Model
Handmade Magnet Plaque Shalom Peace Model
Handmade Magnet Plaque Hamsa 5 hands Model
Handmade Magnet Plaques
1 set of 4 Handmade Magnet Plaque including Box