Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is considered a sacred symbol. It is known to represent the interconnection between one and the world. Amir Rom offers hand-crafted pieces featuring this holy and symbolic icon. From a ceramic plaque to a silver 24K gold necklace, these unique pieces are one of a kind. Each piece is handmade and specially handled. No two pieces are the same; the jewelry is specially processed and similar to life – each one is truly unique. 


These unique pieces of jewelry and décor are made from Studio Art in Clay, which was founded by a husband and wife duo in 2008. Amir and Laurence have an extensive background in graphics and the arts. Before starting this line with his wife, Amir was one of the most prominent magazines in Israel. 


Their heritage inspires pieces from the artists in Jerusalem. Their interest and passion also inspire the artists in ancient archeological artifacts with a mix of modern flare. 


The pieces range from necklaces to clay plaques, which are hand-carved and painted with vibrant colors and a touch of 24K gold. Each plaque is glazed to a high temperature making them last longing. Each plaque also comes with a wood stand and hook for either preference of the buyer. 


Not only can they choose the way to which they are hung or displayed, but Amir Rom can also have individual designs commissioned upon request. The Tree of Life is one design that is commonly requested for its symbolism and religious symbolism. Much of the plans for the plaques are often associated with such symbolism and religious importance. From symbols to Hebrew phrases, Amir Ron creates beauty in the simplicity of the pieces. 


The jewelry from Amir Rom is also elegant and straightforward. For those who want a piece of Jerusalem, there are also hand-painted necklaces. There are also made with ceramic stone and dusted with 24K gold. The accessories, similar to the plaques, are also individually created, making no two alike. From Hebrew symbols for faith to symbols of good luck and prosperity – these necklaces are simple and meaningful. 


For many, jewelry is a sign of showing wealth and sticking out; however, Amir Ron’s pieces are unique and meant not to be a statement but symbolic. The images, the colors and messages speak to the wearer. From the Star of David to the Hamsa and Ana B’koach, Amir Rom’s jewelry, specifically necklaces, is well worth every dollar and every sprinkle of gold dust. 


Tree of life Handmade Ceramic plaque 12*17

Tree of life Handmade Ceramic plaque 19*19

Tree of life Handmade Jewelry

Tree of life Handmade Tile

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